Samsung's latest SSD affected by accelerated wear and tear?

Written by Guillaume
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After AMD, another big name in the microcomputer industry is affected by what seems to be a reliability problem with a high-end component.

As a rule, components are quite reliable and the risk of failure is not high. However, there are notable exceptions to this "rule" and, since the beginning of the year, several bad experiences have occurred among users of AMD products for example. We have reported on problems with not only the Radeon RX 6800 / RX 6900, but also with the latest high-end Radeon RX 7900XTX. A few days after these problems encountered by AMD, it is now Samsung - a company with an excellent reputation - that seems to be affected by technical glitches.

The information is revealed by the journalist Robbie Khan who reports, for the site Neowin, his sad experience with an SSD 990 Pro and the Samsung customer service. A recent purchaser of the latest high-end SSD model from the South Korean brand, Robbie Khan was surprised to find that, only a few days after his purchase, the SSD was spinning. Observed on the Samsung Magician software, the device's health status drops very quickly indeed, even though it is not used in an abnormal way. At 94% health and after having written only a little more than 4Tb of data, Robbie Khan decides to contact Samsung customer service in order to proceed to a return. After all, a defective component can happen to anyone.

Problem is, as you can see below, Samsung was not very cooperative at first, seeming to consider that a failure on a 990 Pro is not possible. The person in charge replied to Robbie Khan that he had to provide a new unequivocal proof of the problem he had. Of course, with the same SSD, it seems difficult to show anything other than what he presented. "Fortunately" for Robbie Khan, his misadventure is quickly followed by that of other users and, on Reddit in particular, several purchasers of SSD 990 Pro complain of a similar concern.

Robbie Khan was then contacted again by Samsung and his interlocutor completely changed his tone, offering the Neowin journalist a new copy of the SSD and the "task" of reproducing the problem he had previously encountered. After having apparently denied the problems, Samsung would have changed its mind, but without making an official statement. For the moment, the mystery remains around this accelerated wear of the SSD 990 Pro. Is it a problem specific to certain series? Is it a generalized defect? Is the bug linked to a particular use or to a configuration element found in all affected users? So many questions that will quickly need an answer, if only for Samsung's reputation.