Analysis of system crashes (BSOD)

We will analyze the "minidumps" of your blue screens and help you to solve your system crashes.

Configuration history

You do not have any configuration available in base at the moment, you must first perform a detection of your computer components, for this, please go to the section below.


Install our detection agent to display your configuration in detail, here are the 3 steps.
Installation of the detection agent
Click on the "Start Detection" button below and follow the instructions.
Detection of your configuration
Once the agent is installed, you will be prompted to start the detection of your configuration, accept and continue.
View your configuration
Once the detection is complete, a web page will open to list all the components and software on your Windows PC.
The detection will update your currently installed version
Current agent version: 12.0.24
Information about the installation of the agent
A manual installation is sometimes necessary, this action is optional, and will be useful in the following cases:
Installation failure during automatic detection
Installation on a machine other than this one
Use in offline mode

Offline detection

Have you ever performed a detection in offline mode?
You can consult your previous detections at any time, your .dc configuration file must be uploaded either by drag and drop on this area, or via the button opposite.
What is a blue screen of death (or "BSOD")?
It is an unexpected blue screen indicating that a critical system error has occurred. This usually occurs after the installation of a bad driver, or a hardware is defective, or after the installation of a software incompatible with your version of Windows, the causes can be multiple. As a precaution, the operating system then proceeds to a total shutdown of all ongoing activities, in order not to aggravate the current problem, whether it is hardware or software. Technical information is then displayed on this famous blue screen, giving some indications on the symptoms and tracks are proposed to solve this incident.
How to diagnose and repair a blue screen?
When a blue screen occurs, then a reboot is mandatory, sometimes this can be enough to get your computer back to a normal state. If the computer refuses to start Windows, then it is necessary to try to find what causes this dysfunction to try to repair the system. There are many more or less complex tools available, but they often require a very good technical knowledge. treats this problem at the source, by recovering the so-called "mini-dump" files that are automatically generated after a crash. These files are analyzed in depth and allow to identify the origin of the problem.
Precautions to take before starting a repair
Whether you are attempting a repair using non- DriversCloud tools, or those from DriversCloud, it is always a good idea to have a recent backup of your system, or at least your data. Be proactive and make regular backups before malfunctions occur. If you don't have backups and you're facing a recalcitrant blue screen, all is not lost, usually your data is still there, and in 99% of the cases, is intact. If your data is precious, you always have the possibility to reinstall Windows on a new hard disk, having first taken care to remove the old hard disk from the computer, once your new installation of Windows is functional you can then reconnect your old hard disk to try to recover your data. These are tedious actions and can be dangerous, do not venture into unknown territory if you do not understand what you are doing.


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