Created in 2004, and continually improved, DriversCloud.com has established itself on the web as a free service to PC users running Windows® and Linux operating systems. The service is designed to work with the most common Internet browsers (MSIE, Firefox®, Opera®, Chrome V2®, Safari®). After installing a program (certified by VeriSign®) the user can choose the detection level (depth) of the hardware and software components of a PC. You can easily identify and install the drivers that correspond to your configuration.
Who is this site for?
DriversCloud.com is intended for both beginners and professionals.. From this website you can identify and generate a report on the hardware components for 10 configurations by account. The service is completely free and certified safe. The second objective of this site is updating drivers for a Windows PC. With a few clicks the user will obtain a list of all the drivers matching his configuration. Beyond the individual, network managers, technical services and computer hotlines will also derive particular benefit.
The various services of the site
Once the hardware components have been detected, you will be able to obtain with just a few clicks the latest drivers corresponding to the identified hardware. You can record your configuration on the site for free, and can get the corresponding URL to post the configuration to technical forums, e-mail and social networks. The site hosts its own forum for technical assistance. Various other free services are offered. You can download the detection result (the configuration) as a PDF file. Finally, the site guides you, step by step, in creating a customized electronic signature containing a personalized summary of your configuration and sending it back to the server.

How does the DriversCloud technology work?
The technology is built around a core that centralizes information modules that create an XML report describing the software and hardware configuration of a PC. I specially developed drivers able to access the heart of the machine to directly assess its hardware components. In the top menu of services , you will find the first innovative applications of this technology.

Respect for privacy
To protect the user's privacy and data confidentiality, I created a 4-level confidentiality system that filters the XML marks and gives control to the user. The default level can be modified in the preferences. Using the maximum level will prevent the user from publishing his configuration and generating a corresponding PDF file. I created this graduated protection system so as not to limit the amount of data given to the user and thus reduce the interest in this technology.

In non-connected mode, each XML configuration is stored on the server for 15 minutes on ramdisk (for practical reasons). However, you are given the opportunity to manually delete it.

This website has been registered with French CNIL under number 1986133.

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