Scanning and drivers download

We will detect for you the drivers compatible with your Windows computer. You will also be able to backup and restore your drivers.

Configuration history

You do not have any configuration available in base at the moment, you must first perform a detection of your computer components, for this, please go to the section below.


Install our detection agent to display your configuration in detail, here are the 3 steps.
Installation of the detection agent
Click on the "Start Detection" button below and follow the instructions.
Detection of your configuration
Once the agent is installed, you will be prompted to start the detection of your configuration, accept and continue.
View your configuration
Once the detection is complete, a web page will open to list all the components and software on your Windows PC.
The detection will update your currently installed version
Current agent version:
Information about the installation of the agent
A manual installation is sometimes necessary, this action is optional, and will be useful in the following cases:
Installation failure during automatic detection
Installation on a machine other than this one
Use in offline mode

Offline detection

Have you ever performed a detection in offline mode?
You can consult your previous detections at any time, your .dc configuration file must be uploaded either by drag and drop on this area, or via the button opposite.
What is the purpose of a driver?
A driver is a small software layer to be installed to make the link between the Windows operating system and the components and peripherals of your computer. If the driver is missing, in the best case, the system will only be able to take advantage of a tiny part of the functionalities offered by the different components, and in the worst case, it will not recognize the component in question at all, and therefore it will be unable to use it!
When should I install or update a driver?
The golden rule is the following, if your computer works perfectly and all peripherals are fully recognized by Windows, then it is not wise to update the drivers. Otherwise, if some components or peripherals are not recognized by the system, or if you notice slowness, missing functionalities, or abnormal crashes, it is strongly advised to update them as soon as possible.
Precautions to take before installing the drivers
Before you start installing or updating drivers, we strongly recommend that you make either a full backup of your computer or a restore point. This precaution is essential since the drivers we offer are directly provided by the manufacturers, and we do not test them, even with the best will in the world this would be impossible. Sometimes the drivers are not compatible with other software or components, and this can lead to system instability, or even on very rare occasions a complete computer crash, hence the need to take this precaution.


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