Components and software detection

We will detect for you the complete list of hardware and software present in your Windows computer. You will be able to view and share your information.

Configuration history

You do not have any configuration available in base at the moment, you must first perform a detection of your computer components, for this, please go to the section below.


Install our detection agent to display your configuration in detail, here are the 3 steps.
Installation of the detection agent
Click on the "Start Detection" button below and follow the instructions.
Detection of your configuration
Once the agent is installed, you will be prompted to start the detection of your configuration, accept and continue.
View your configuration
Once the detection is complete, a web page will open to list all the components and software on your Windows PC.
The detection will update your currently installed version
Current agent version:
Information about the installation of the agent
A manual installation is sometimes necessary, this action is optional, and will be useful in the following cases:
Installation failure during automatic detection
Installation on a machine other than this one
Use in offline mode

Offline detection

Have you ever performed a detection in offline mode?
You can consult your previous detections at any time, your .dc configuration file must be uploaded either by drag and drop on this area, or via the button opposite.
What is a detection of computer components and software?
With the help of our 100% home-made software DriversCloud, we are able to detect all the components, software, drivers, network configurations, and a whole lot of other information allowing to make a global and detailed inventory of your Windows computer.
When should a component and software detection be launched?
Detecting all the components and software of a computer is essential when you want to upgrade it, either to increase its overall speed or to add new features. It is therefore an important step to have an inventory before replacing a component by a more powerful one, a software or a driver by a more recent version. It is imperative to check the compatibility of the new hardware, software or driver, before upgrading to avoid any malfunction.
Precautionary measures to be taken before upgrading
Whether it is for a software update or a driver, you should always check beforehand the compatibility with the version of your Windows operating system. You should also check that this update will not cause a noticeable slowdown in the performance of your computer. We often think that the latest version of a software is necessarily better, even if in fact it is often true, you should know that sometimes it causes a global slowdown of the computer induced by the new features. So always check if these new features will be useful to you. As far as hardware upgrades are concerned, we generally opt for a more powerful component, so it is almost always a beneficial development, but you should still remain vigilant and check the compatibility with your motherboard and your other peripherals before you start.


Rest assured, ABSOLUTELY NO private or personal data is retrieved at any time, neither via our detection agent that is installed on your computer, nor via our website, nor in any other way! No malware, virus or spyware is installed without your knowledge! is edited by the company Cybelsoft created in 2004. We have developed our own analysis tools that allow us to detect hardware and software configurations with great precision. Our engine does not rely on any additional tools belonging to third-party companies, so we retain full control of our technology.
The information collected is neither nominative, nor traceable, nor sold to third parties. Although there is no personal data collected, for the sake of extreme confidentiality this information is encrypted on our server. The connection to the server is encrypted in AES256 and secured in HTTPS.
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