Windows 11: towards a "new" context menu that's more complete and customizable?

Written by Guillaume
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An evolution of the context menu reserved exclusively for users of the famous PowerToys.

Creating a new document is so simple, so logical and so commonplace that there's no need to talk about it in our columns, whether you're running Windows, MacOS or Linux. In the case of Windows, however, there's something new, as the Windows Latest site explains, with the forthcoming introduction of a new feature that has not yet been officially presented by Microsoft and seems likely to be offered only through PowerToys, the software designed to offer additional options to "advanced" users.

Windows Latest

In this case, the feature doesn't even have a name yet, but it seems to be referred to as " new + ", a term that describes its purpose quite accurately. For its developers, the aim is to enrich the " new " section of the Windows 11 context menu, the one that appears when you right-click on the Windows desktop. From here, it is currently possible to go to the " new " section and create a new document from the few choices available. "A few? Yes, and this relative poverty is the "problem".

Without getting your hands dirty in the Windows registry, this contextual menu is relatively basic, but with " new + ", you can benefit from numerous new options and, above all, make your own modifications so that a particular type of document is included. Better still, the document in question can be customized to, for example, adopt a basic structure that suits you better than a blank document. Templates can be created, saved and recalled directly from " new + ".

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All templates created in this way are currently stored in the user's documents, but Microsoft also enables these templates to be shared and synchronized between several PCs. Of course, you could very quickly find yourself with heaps of different templates for an unusable contextual menu, and while it is possible to delete/remove - even temporarily - these templates, we regret that Microsoft doesn't (yet?) allow you to create nested contextual menus. That said, " new + " doesn't yet have an official name, and Microsoft is undoubtedly still working on a feature that has plenty of time to evolve into ever more options.