Arrow Lake: the new generation of Intel desktop CPUs arrives in October

Written by Guillaume
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Following on from Lunar Lake and inspired by the latest laptop architectures, Arrow Lake is expected to lower desktop CPU power consumption.

With Computex 2024 in Taipei (Taiwan) in full swing, Intel is in the throes of Lunar Lake, its next-generation laptop processor. Pat Gelsinger - Intel's CEO - has given a lengthy presentation of the new architecture, and a number of partners are beginning to showcase how they will integrate Lunar Lake processors, while actual availability is expected in the third quarter of this year, and the machines will undoubtedly be a hit at Christmas time. With Intel's busy schedule, Lunar Lake is unlikely to be in the news for much longer: the American company is already preparing Arrow Lake.

The Arrow Lake architecture should be far more revolutionary than Lunar Lake, which was "just" an improvement on Meteor Lake. On the contrary, Arrow Lake proposes to wipe the slate clean in the world of desktop processors, the ones we use on our PCs. Intel's idea is to leave behind the previous desktop architectures of Alder Lake, Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh and start afresh on a sound footing... very similar to the portable architectures of Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake.

Intel Arrow Lake specifications © Wccftech

Logically, since Intel cannot communicate on two architectures at once, Arrow Lake is not really highlighted at Computex. Intel only answers questions about Lunar Lake, but several of its partners are more talkative, and the Wccftech site was able to obtain a few details. First of all, Arrow Lake is indeed scheduled for the end of this year and, even better, could be launched as early as October. Intel is said to be planning to launch the Arrow Lake chipset at its Intel Innovation event in September, which focuses entirely on the Group's technologies. This event was also the opportunity to present the Alder Lake architecture in 2021.

Even more interestingly, Wccftech heard a few echoes of the Arrow Lake chips, which would be christened Core Ultra 200K and - this is a particularly important point - could mark a change of gear. After years of increasing the TDP of its processors, generation after generation, Intel is planning a drastic reduction in this specification, and even for the largest model in the range - the Core Ultra 9 285K with its 24 cores - we're talking "only" 125 watts of TDP. Good news at last, one might be tempted to say!