AM5 motherboards compatible with future Ryzen 9000 models

Written by Guillaume
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A statement that still only concerns two of the main manufacturers, but there's no reason why...

Beyond their competition on the performance front, AMD and Intel have always adopted a radically different strategy when it comes to the "follow-up" of their architectures. Indeed, while Intel relies on regular platform renewals, as if to say to future customers " look how far we've come ", AMD seeks instead to capitalize on "trust" by insisting - and insisting - that its platforms are built to last. AMD's AM4 platform is still on the market, more than six years after its launch, and even better, new compatible processors have been launched in the course of last year.


AMD's support for the AM4 platform is not an isolated case, and most previous platforms have benefited from quite similar attentions. In fact, we had no reason to believe that AMD was lying when it stressed that the new AM5 platform - launched in September 2022 for the release of the Ryzen 7000 - was expected to last for several years. But if we had no reason to doubt, we're still very happy to see words backed by deeds. Through ASUS and MSI, we've learned that AM5 motherboards will indeed be compatible with future Ryzen 9000 processors based on AM5 architecture.


ASUS and MSI have in turn explained that all their AM5 motherboards based on AMD 600 series chipsets will only need a BIOS update to support Ryzen 9000 processors. This means that this applies not only to high-end motherboards based on X670 and X670E chipsets, but also to mid-range boards based on B650 and, above all, even to entry-level boards based on A620 chipsets. Of course, AMD's reputation was at stake, as the firm has regularly criticized Intel for its repeated changes, and if for the moment we're only talking about ASUS and MSI motherboards, let's bet that ASRock, Gigabyte and the others won't be long in following suit.