Immortals of Aveum upgrades consoles to FSR 3

Written by Guillaume
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AMD's latest graphics technologies are now practically available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Seris X|S consoles.

You may not know it, but the latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony are much closer than you might think at first glance. At the heart of both machines is an AMD chip. More importantly, both chips are built around the same architectures: Zen 2 for the CPU and RDNA 2 for the GPU. Architectures that PC users are familiar with, even if they're no longer the latest thing. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S were released in November 2020.

Since this release, AMD has logically continued to improve its products. Its CPUs have been upgraded to Zen 3 and even Zen 4, while its graphics processors (GPUs) were converted to RDNA 3 two years ago. With this latest version of its graphics architecture, AMD has deployed the FSR 3 technique, which uses artificial intelligence to lighten the GPU's workload: in compatible video games, with every second image now created by artificial intelligence, the GPU has more time and resources for everything else (textures, lighting effects, level of detail...).

AMD has been promising FSR 3 on consoles for some time now © AMD

While FSR 3 is developing well on PCs, on consoles it's not quite there yet, but AMD had promised that its technology would also see the light of day on the RDNA 2 GPUs of the PlayStation 5 and other Xbox Series X|S. According to developer Ascendant Studios, it's now "just a matter of weeks ", as Eurogamer explains. Indeed, for its latest action game - Immortals of Aveum, released last August - the Californian studio has prepared two new updates. The first, patch released on April 2, enabled HDR for brighter images, provided you have a compatible TV.

Patch is due to arrive a little later - " in just a few weeks " - but is also more ambitious. It will activate FSR 3 technology within the game, a first for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. In addition, Ascendant Studios specifies that FSR 3 will be accompanied by support for 120 Hz and VRR - Variable Refresh Rate - which is designed to ensure visual comfort for players even when the console is unable to maintain the highest display frequency. It's been a long wait, but the reward seems to be there!