The world's most luxurious ventirad is out... with its integrated Full HD screen!

Written by Guillaume
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An accessory designed to return information on the PC's operating status. Not sure that's enough to justify the price tag.

For many, many years, the "PC" has been synonymous with self-sufficiency, which is logical for a machine originally designed for office work. That said, even when video games were democratized on the PC - in the 90s - the reputation of a sad, plainly shaped device with no design flair stuck to it. In the 2010s, a new trend emerged for "gamer" machines. The trend was away from the beige of yesteryear, towards aggressively shaped, head-turning red cases. Fortunately, this trend, too, has come and gone.


But perhaps we haven't really gained from the change. Nowadays, gamer PCs are synonymous with "aquarium" cases, with windows everywhere to enjoy the show. A show that is no longer necessarily on the screen, with RGB LEDs on most components and the RGB strips that fans add for an extra touch of "elegance"! The height of refinement? A screen integrated into the case to broadcast a video and brighten up the PC even further.

A screen? But why just one screen integrated into the case? Why shouldn't the processor's cooling unit - the ventirad - also have its own screen? A Full HD (1920 x 1080) model, to broadcast high-definition images or transmit key information on the PC's state of health. Well, you're not dreaming, such a ventirad does exist. It has emerged from the fertile imagination of Lamptron's engineers and can already be ordered, from Caseking for example. Thanks Tom's Hardware.

The beast thus takes the form of a "classic" double-turn ventirad, with, of course, the two 120-mm fans designed to fit into the block. The block rests on a nickel-plated copper base from which 6 heat pipes, 6 mm in diameter, extend. These are used to transport heat to the fins of the imposing heatsink, so that the fans can do their job of evacuating the heat. Lamptron mentions support for processors with a maximum TDP of 260 watts, which puts it in the upper echelons of the market.


In fact, the ST060 is right up there at the top. In fact, the product is sold for the princely sum of 299.99 euros, and the justification can be seen on the top of the ventirad with the integration of this Full HD screen. It's designed to act as a secondary display for PC monitoring information. For this purpose, Lamptron has the good taste to supply a license for AIDA64 software, one of the best for PC analysis and technical feedback. So, on paper, the ST060 looks like a good product... but are you really prepared to spend 300 euros on a fan unit with a Full HD screen?