A 2,500-watt power supply - you could do with a GeForce RTX 4090 quad-SLI!

Written by Guillaume
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The race for power has just taken a new turn, literally and figuratively!

FSP Group, a Taiwanese company that has specialized in PC power supplies for thirty years now, has an extensive catalog that is set to undergo a major overhaul at the turn of the year. For its 2024 line-up, FSP Group is proposing four power supply categories: mainstream, mid-high, performance and special edition. All in all, we're talking about sixteen power supply models with, for good measure, a profusion of variants for a total of 53 references. There's something for every taste.

The less powerful models are intended for small machines, starting at 350 watts, but - as the VideoCardz website points out - it's at the very top end of the range, with the " special edition " models, that things are surprising. FSP Group is planning to launch the Cannon Pro range, which appears to consist of just two models. Two models indeed, but what a "potato"! Indeed, the weaker of the two blocks peaks at 2,000 watts, while the more muscular one goes straight for 2,500 watts!

An unrivalled monster, for which we have yet to give any indication of price, although the release date looks set for early next year. Since " power is nothing without control ", this Cannon Pro 2,500 watt is also a monster of modernity. Of course, it's fully modular and features the new 12V-2×6 connector, intended to replace the 12VHPWR introduced by NVIDIA just over a year ago, but subject to melting. Better still, there are six 12V-2×6 connectors and three classic 6-pin ports. We're obviously talking about a 20+4 pin for the motherboard and three 4+4 for the processor.

For good measure, peripherals can count on the presence of 14 SATA sockets (yes, 14!) and 6 Molex. Last but not least, the FSP Group power supply is certified 80 PLUS Platinum for " efficiency greater than 94% under normal load ". A little more and you'll be able to recharge your Tesla by plugging it into your PC!