The Media Creation Tool finally lets you install Windows 11 23H2

Written by Guillaume
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Everything seems to be back to normal at Microsoft, and more specifically in the Windows 11 department.

A fortnight ago, we were disappointed to note that despite the deployment of the 23H2 update for Windows 11, it was still impossible to use Microsoft's famous Media Creation Tool to create your own "up-to-date" Windows 11 installation key. Microsoft didn't really apologize, but explained that this was due to "an optimization of the system package size", and that it was obviously taking longer than usual. It should be remembered that for previous major updates of Windows 10 or Windows 11, the Media Creation Tool had not experienced such a "delay".

Gabe Frost - one of the members of the Windows development team - explained the reasons for this problem, and said that the Media Creation Tool option would soon become a reality again. At the time, the problem was expected to be solved within 10/15 days.

Since we were quick to point out the Media Creation Tool problem and criticize Microsoft's worries, it makes sense to point out now that the issue has been resolved. Once again, it was Gabe Frost who took to the stage - no doubt a little prouder of what he had to present - to announce on X (formerly Twitter) that " 23H2 is now live with MCT " . So, the Media Creation Tool is back in action and the parenthesis is closed... until the next major update? Let's hope not.