Three generations of processors to come in 2024-2025: Intel is on a roll!

Written by Guillaume
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Meteor Lake, but above all Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake and Panther Lake, Intel is (once again) going to string generations together.

While Intel may have experienced a few difficult years with the delicate transition to the 10 nm etching process, it seems to be back in top form... at least, that's the message the company is trying to get across at every opportunity, as it has over the last few days at Intel Innovation 2023, a two-day event devoted entirely to the technical innovations conceived and developed by the company's teams.


Of course, the focus was on Meteor Lake, the next processor architecture that Intel is due to bring to market on December 14 - in other words, in 2023 - but which will not really take off until next year. Meteor Lake is presented as a revolution by Intel, thanks to its manufacturing technique and the use of what the company calls disaggregated design or disaggregated architecture. The aim is to combine several units(compute tile, graphics tile, SoC tile, I/O tile) whose nature and manufacturing process can be significantly different. Then, thanks to its Foveros packaging system, Intel assembles the various cores on a single substrate to create a processor of the shape we're all familiar with.


Meteor Lake is undoubtedly revolutionary, and Intel intends to capitalize on the architecture's technical innovations. At Intel Innovation 2023, for example, the Group's Chairman himself confirmed the busy schedule that lies ahead. Pat Gelsinger specified that 2024-2025 would see the launch of the three generations planned to follow Meteor Lake: Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake and, finally, Panther Lake. Arrow Lake shouldn't mark too big a change from Meteor Lake, and the plan is to retain socket LGA1851 as the processor support, albeit with a higher engraving finesse (Intel 20A). If all goes well, Arrow Lake should be on the market by the third quarter of 2024.


The next step, Luna Lake, will further refine the etching process by moving on to Intel 18A, although the American company remains rather vague. In fact, Intel 18A is now mainly being promoted for Panther Lake, which will succeed Lunar Lake before the end of 2025. Pat Gelsinger explained that Panther Lake is progressing according to plan, and production should start in the first quarter of 2024. You'll be changing processors every 9 months, won't you?