Noctua already announces a cooling unit compatible with Intel socket LGA1851

Written by Guillaume
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With LGA1851 support still a year away, Noctua is already on the warpath.

Now that's taking the lead! Austrian company Noctua is well known among PC cooling specialists for the quality of its products and the excellence of its after-sales service. Generation after generation, the company has made a point of making its older solutions compatible - wherever possible - with new processors, whether designed by AMD or Intel. Thus, the Noctua NH-U12A - one of the company's most popular models - has just received a "reinforcement" in the form of a few technical adjustments and new packaging.


It's the latter that really makes the difference: the Noctua NH-U12A is compatible with "all" generations of CPU sockets. This includes AM4 and AM5 compatibility for AMD Ryzen processors, as well as support for all versions of socket LGA115x, from LGA1150 to LGA1156, LGA1151 and LGA1155. Of course, the cooler is also compatible with Intel's Comet Lake / Rocket Lake processors based on socket LGA1200 and with Intel's two most recent generations, Alder Lake / Raptor Lake and their LGA1700. Since Intel has decided not to change the support for its 14th generation - Raptor Lake Refresh - the Noctua cooling unit will also be able to cool them, but the surprise is elsewhere on the product packaging.


In fact, you'll also notice the LGA1851 label. The Noctua NH-U12A is therefore now compatible with Intel's 1851-pin support. Why does this surprise us? Quite simply because no processor currently on the market runs on such a socket. LGA1851 is indeed the future for Intel, a socket that is not expected to come into action until the second half of 2024, with the release of Arrow Lake generation processors. Admittedly, Intel has already more or less confirmed that the socket's dimensions will be quite similar to those of the LGA1700. What's more, we suspect that manufacturers with Noctua's reputation have access to documentation long before the processors are officially ready. Nevertheless, this is the first time we've seen fans marketed for processors that still have many months ahead of them. Funny. / Videocardz