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Artificial intelligence to optimize NVIDIA graphics drivers?

Written by Guillaume
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Because artificial intelligence is not only used to refine the graphics of video games.

At NVIDIA, the use of artificial intelligence has a long history. As a GPU specialist, the company has been focusing on what the English-speaking world calls deep learning for some time now, in order to boost many tasks. In the graphics field, this includes the technique known as Deep Learning Super Sampling or DLSS. This technology is used in video games to improve visual rendering without draining the resources of the machine, without bringing the processor and graphics card to their knees. The principle of DLSS is to calculate an image in a given definition, for example 2560 x 1440, and then let the artificial intelligence work so that this image is converted into 3840 x 2160 for example. We then enjoy something much finer without the machine having been more solicited.

To do this, the DLSS artificial intelligence is based on a lot of data and involves pre-calculations made at NVIDIA so that they do not have to be conducted on the user's PC. On the other hand, a solution like DLSS requires NVIDIA to have worked on the game in close collaboration with the developers beforehand. This is why DLSS is not always available at the time of release. However, NVIDIA does not seem to want to limit itself to DLSS in its scope of artificial intelligence. A recent rumor states that teams from the American company are currently working on implementing artificial intelligence to improve the process of updating its graphics drivers to achieve higher performance.

The information is revealed by CapFrameX, which indicates that NVIDIA could even launch the thing in the first quarter of 2023. Of course, there is no question of any confirmation from the main interested party for the moment. So we won't conclude anything from such an announcement, but it's certain that projects using artificial intelligence are on the rise and that if any company can be taken seriously in this respect, it's NVIDIA. Still according to CapFrameX, artificial intelligence would be used mainly to make drivers more efficient, mainly on the performance side. We are talking about improvements of up to 30% in the best case and around 10% for most games. However, apart from these percentages and a "shooting window", CapFrameX does not give any other details. To be continued..