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OpenAI Chat Bot: an artificial intelligence robot answers your questions

Written by Guillaume
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Artificial intelligence comes in many forms, and today we present you with a bluffing question and answer tool.

For years, we have been hearing about artificial intelligence. It will be able to do this or that, to simplify our daily lives or to help people with disabilities. On the other hand, some people predict a very dark future in which artificial intelligences represent a danger that is difficult to perceive until they simply take over and, why not, eradicate the human hope like Skynet in Terminator 2.

In everyday life, it is still difficult to perceive to what extent artificial intelligence has, in fact, already entered our daily lives. The world of computer science is much more aware of what we call "AI". For example, AIs are used in film special effects to bring a dead actress back to life or to rejuvenate/age an actor for the purposes of the script. A company like NVIDIA uses artificial intelligence in the management of its DLSS - Deep Learning Super Sampling - to improve the graphics rendering of video games on PC.

The American company OpenAI - a capped for-profit company - specializes in artificial intelligence with the main objective of " promoting and developing artificial intelligence with a human face that will benefit all of humanity ". Among the avenues followed by OpenAI are " the fields of healthcare, climate change, and education - and where AI tools can empower people by helping them be more productive " as Wikipedia aptly explains.

Today we'll talk about the API she has developed, which she allows to verify its effectiveness through several tools, including a discussion module accessible via the playground. The idea is quite simple: you ask a question to the artificial intelligence, which then takes a few seconds to provide the most accurate answer possible. Described as very intelligent by its creators, this module does not answer everything, avoiding questions that make no sense or those made to deceive it: it only returns a cold " unknown ". Some trick questions are more skilfully bypassed by the chat bot, but for everything else, the answers are impressive, especially since you can dig into things to get more details.

If it is not yet possible to have a real discussion with this AI and its developers carefully avoid any polemical subject, the chat bot module perfectly illustrates what could become the assistants that we already find at some online retailers. We can easily imagine remote troubleshooting solutions available 24 hours a day and able to draw from huge databases to find the answer to your problem. It's hard to say what tomorrow will bring, but let's bet that AIs have not finished surprising us.