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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: when the folding smartphone proves its solidity

Written by Guillaume
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Already well entrenched from our reality and yet still a bit science fiction, flexible screens are the very basis of folding smartphones.

Introduced by Samsung as early as CES 2011 in Las Vegas, the first flexible screen was the source of many, many rumors before the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold eight years later on February 20, 2019. It is still only six months after this first smartphone was released and, with this launch, the first rumors / fears of a product much more fragile than traditional smartphones: the hinge system, the flexibility of the screen and, beyond the breakage, the risk of marks were the most frequent remarks of users.

These comments - and the price - did not stop Samsung from selling many copies of this first test and continuing its momentum with several iterations of its Fold and the release of a folding smartphone of another kind, the Flip. Today, it's the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - the latest model from the South Korean - that's making news with a video that will both shake some users up, but probably reassure many more.

Indeed, while most observers agree that the sturdiness of Samsung's folding smartphones has greatly improved, the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything wanted to know for sure. To do so, the channel tortured a poor Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 that didn't ask anyone for anything. The poor thing was subjected to the assaults of screwdrivers, fingers and even a box cutter to highlight the weaknesses / resistance of the product.

The video lasts less than ten minutes and it seems hard not to be impressed by the strength of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Sure, not everything is perfect, but even when treated very poorly, it still comes through with a screen or hinge that withstands all attacks. All of them? No, not quite, since the lighter test leaves some indelible marks in the form of permanently deteriorated pixels, stuck on black or green. This last remark aside, the results of Samsung's new folding smartphone are quite brilliant. Enough to convince the last refractory to this technology?