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Stray: the most feline game becomes the highest rated Steam game of 2022

Written by Guillaume
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97% of 46,881 Steam user reviews are positive!

Even though it's turning heads among gamers, maybe you've never heard of Stray? Developed by the team of BlueTwelve Studio for Annapurna Interactive, this third-person view adventure game has been available for only a few days - last July 19 - and yet it seems to be a unanimous release. Thus, on Metacritic, video game professionals were among the first to acclaim it with an overall score of 84 in its PlayStation 5 version and 83 on PC.

In Stray, we play as a cat as he wanders through a sort of cyber-city where neon lights are almost omnipresent. The term " stray" is used in English to designate stray cats. In fact, our hero is none other than a tomcat a little lost in the city. As the developers explain, he has to " explore the surroundings ", " defend himself against unexpected threats " as well as " solve the puzzles of this inhospitable place ".

Interactions are obviously possible with our feline's environment, but by the admission of many players, Stray 's gameplay remains quite basic. Likewise, the adventure itself is not very long and the challenge is not very high. However, these flaws are not enough to erase the qualities of a game that offers an extraordinary hero. That's what we'll remember from the countless positive reviews left by PC players on the Steam platform.

As WCCFTech points out, more than 46,000 gamers have left a review of varying length and no less than 97% of these reviews are positive. It's quite simple, in 2022, no other game had reached such a consensus on Steam. Of course, that's not what makes a game good, but it certainly piques our curiosity.