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Windows 11 could soon be available natively on Apple M1 chips

Written by Guillaume
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A solution developed without the support of Microsoft or even Apple.

Throughout its history, Apple has formed several partnerships with processor manufacturers to equip its computers. Thus, the Macintosh was, for years, designed around solutions imagined by Motorola and then IBM, clearly distinguishing itself from PCs and their Intel processors... Until mid-2005 when Steve Jobs announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference that Apple would no longer use PowerPC CPUs and that it would turn to Intel and its x86 architecture. Sometimes perceived as a betrayal by Mac users, this change had one advantage: it opened the way for Windows to work on the Mac.

Without questioning the strengths of MacOS, the Boot Camp tool imagined by Apple allowed to offer the best of both worlds to Mac users through a dual-boot system: in the simplest way possible, you could choose - when starting up the machine - to access the MacOS universe or the Windows universe and it was just as easy to switch back to the other world for certain applications, certain specific tasks.

However, this possibility has disappeared with the launch of the Apple M1 chips at the end of 2020. Anxious to free itself from Intel, Apple had indeed developed processors based on an ARM architecture, which consumes much less energy. Better still, the remarkable performance obtained by Apple engineers allowed the new Macs to distinguish themselves very quickly, but software compatibility took a hit and the famous Boot Camp was no longer functional. The Windows world was closing... Definitely?

Indeed, while Microsoft does not seem interested in porting its operating system to Apple hardware and Apple itself has not announced anything in this direction, developers are looking into the question of Windows 11 compatibility with ARM Macs. Thus, Arminder Singh is working on a project called " M1 Windows project ". A project that joins the work done by other developers on the project " Asahi Linux " whose objective is to allow the installation of Linux on Mac M1.

The " M1 Windows project " is not yet very advanced and Arminder Singh himself explains that nothing guarantees the success of his enterprise. However, the work is progressing and if you are interested, we invite you to visit Arminder Singh's blog which details his work.