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Computex 2022: AMD and NVIDIA on deck, Intel in ambush?

Written by Guillaume
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The world's leading IT and high-tech companies will meet in Taipei from May 24 to 27, 2022.

After a 2020 edition that was first postponed and then cancelled, and a 2021 edition that will be held exclusively online, Computex is back in action and all the world's IT and high-tech companies are meeting in Taiwan. Since it is obviously out of the question to list here all the companies to follow this week, we decided to focus on three of the most important companies of the sector.

Thus, the American AMD should open the ball in some way with a keynote most certainly presented by the CEO of the company, Lisa Su. She should even have spoken by the time you read this with information about her roadmap for the coming months as AMD prepares for the almost simultaneous launches of its new generations of CPUs (Zen 4 architecture) and GPUs (RDNA 3 architecture).

On Tuesday May 24th at 5am Paris time, NVIDIA will take over with a keynote that we imagine will be presented, once again, by the company's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. If NVIDIA's program seems to be a little less busy than AMD's, the American company still has some major announcements to make. However, unlike AMD, nothing has yet been leaked about the announcements to be expected from NVIDIA. So we can only imagine that Jen-Hsun Huang might want to talk about the launch of the new generation of GeForce, unless he focuses on the progress in artificial intelligence.

Finally, and this is probably the biggest unknown of the show, Intel has not yet announced anything for this Computex 2022. Given Intel's particularly busy schedule for the end of the year, it would be surprising if it did not take advantage of the event to announce some products, even if it has already mentioned several announcements / presentations for its own event, the Intel Vision. Before the end of the year, Intel should however present its 13th generation of processors, Raptor Lake, perhaps even introduce the 14th which should land during 2023 and we are still waiting for details about the launch of Arc Alchemist whose launch, postponed to the summer, could be confirmed during the Computex ... with a firm date to the key?