Instructional: NVIDIA details the creation and testing of graphics drivers

Written by Guillaume
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The GeForce developer has set up the Game Ready program to simplify a job that is getting richer and more complex every day.

A little over seven years ago, NVIDIA launched a program with the perhaps somewhat pompous name of Game Ready. While its GeForce graphics cards are among the most popular models among gamers, NVIDIA does indeed have an essential role to play in the smooth running of video games on the PC, and that's what it's taking the time to explain to us througha long article. Of course, there are some marketing thoughts behind it, but the paper is very interesting.

First of all, NVIDIA takes the time to go back to the notion of graphics driver by specifying that this software is obviously an essential part of a PC's functioning. He explains that " graphics drivers are incredibly complex software that allow your GPU to communicate with operating systems, graphics APIs, but also with your games and applications. To add weight to its argument, NVIDIA says that in 2022, " each Game Ready driver you download consists of well over 25 million lines of code, the equivalent of the code required for a modern fighter jet."

More importantly, NVIDIA says that through the Game Ready process, it is now closer to video game development studios. In the past, NVIDIA's test teams were forced to test games while they were in late development. The task was logically more delicate and the risks of seeing bugs appear more numerous. Now, thanks to the Game Ready program, NVIDIA says it " works with developers throughout the game design process.

NVIDIA describes a lot more, so we suggest you take a look at this very informative article. The video above summarizes many aspects of it and we'll end by simply highlighting the amount of testing NVIDIA is doing through Game Ready. The manufacturer mentions the implementation of " a huge automated test matrix covering more than 4,500 GPU, CPU, RAM and operating system configurations, with hardware dating back to 2012 " before stating that " NVIDIA's Game Ready driver testing process results in more than 1,000 specific tests, performed on a wide variety of available and upcoming games. That's over 1.8 million hours of testing in 2021 alone. Impressive.