MMORPGs: these are the most popular games!

Written by charon
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Games enjoy great popularity and the diversity of offerings and genres ensures that there is something for everyone.

Some people spend their time in online casinos, others can relax for hours with an action shooter. However, MMORPG games are and remain particularly popular and offer PC gamers days of captivating fun. Some of them are absolute favorites and continue to magically attract new players.

World of Warcraft: the perennial favorite among MMORPGs

When Blizzard Entertainment launched World of Warcraft in November 2004, no one imagined that it would become a global phenomenon. From Europe to North America, WoW remains extremely popular among gamers, and although it is primarily aimed at solo players, the large community offers opportunities to connect with other players. Dungeons and raids play an important role, and although the game has already passed its 15th anniversary, it is still very popular among MMORPGs.

Final Fantasy XIV - the MMORPG for PC and console

Final Fantasy XIV was launched on August 27, 2013 and at the time brought great joy not only to PC gamers, but also to Playstation 3 owners. All types of gamers are welcome here, and the constant updates with new raids and dungeons keep the game fun for many months to come. The story is fun and, most importantly, the crafting system is very sophisticated and clever. However, it is quite difficult for newcomers to get going and the combat system seems boring after a few weeks. It's an entertaining diversion, but not as lasting a success as WoW.

Old School RuneScape: the MMORPG for mobiles

Smartphone gaming is becoming more and more important, and the enthusiasm for Old School RuneScape, an MMORPG available not only on PC, but also on IOS and Android smartphones, was and still is strong. The biggest drawback, however, is the controls, which take some getting used to and a few hours of practice. The graphics are also outdated, which makes the game relatively unsuitable for modern players. Nevertheless, the sandbox game, with its many freedoms and available skills, is a perennial favorite that can be played comfortably and variably on PC, but especially on smartphones. New content can even be co-determined by players in the form of votes. A special feature among the games.

Guild Wars 2 - a pure MMORPG for PC with a fun factor

Guild Wars 2 was released in August 2012 and impresses above all with its lively game world. Instead of typical quests, the creators opted for dynamic events and the PvP mode is particularly compelling. From mass battles to clashes on gigantic battlefields, everything is possible here to get the fighter's heart racing. However, the new content in the PvP area has been neglected in recent years, which is criticized by some players. Nevertheless, Guild Wars 2 has not lost any of its popularity and remains one of the most played MMORPGs on the PC.