DriversCloud: the integration of a long-awaited feature to wish you a beautiful year 2022!

Written by Guillaume
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The DriversCloud team is united, not against the disease, but to wish you a beautiful and happy year 2022 and to bring some new features!

Strange year that 2021. Last January, while we were making the usual "good resolutions", we were hoping for a quick end to the Covid-19 epidemic thanks to the planned generalization of vaccination. One year later, we can't say that we are at a standstill, but we are all starting to find the time really long and whether it's about constraints, restrictions or simply the general climate, it's getting heavy.

Traditionally, we wish each other many wonderful things for the coming year, but to quote a famous proverb, "once bitten, twice shy", so we won't be betting on an end to the pandemic anytime soon or on a ski vacation. On the other hand, this should not prevent us from wishing you a very pleasant and festive New Year's Eve! Above all, it is important to keep your spirits up and to think about your loved ones... even if they are sometimes further away than you would like. Finally, at DriversCloud we would like to tell you to take care of yourself and enjoy the present moment.

It may not be possible to gather all of us to take a new step, but this should not prevent us from starting this new year "together" whether it is in flesh and blood or through an Internet connection! As we said in the preamble, we wish you a beautiful and happy year 2022!

Let's end with an announcement that will please many of you. Many of you have asked us to implement this feature. We have worked hard to make it available before the stroke of midnight and now you can back up and restore your drivers with DriversCloud. We encourage you to use this feature before installing your drivers and you will be able to quickly revert to an older driver version in case of problems. Further integration with the website should be available early next year.

The DriversCloud application now also benefits from the latest version of the CPU-Z engine and, in order to keep up with the latest technical developments that arrived at the beginning of November, Intel's Alder Lake processors and DDR5 RAM are now supported. On the motherboard page, support for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip has also been added. Finally, the most important change observed on the site for 10 years should take place at the beginning of next year... Just be patient!