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Docusign, in a few words

Written by charon
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Since the company launched in 2003, DocuSign has made it its goal to simplify the actions of businesses and people around the world.

Article written in collaboration with Yousign

Docusign claims to be the gold standard in electronic signature solutions.

Today, DocuSign helps companies connect and automate their signing, tracking and contract management processes. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature: the world's first way to sign electronically on virtually any device, from virtually anywhere, at any time.

The platform has more than 350 pre-defined integrations with popular enterprise applications. In addition, the API allows DocuSign to be integrated and connected to customers' websites, mobile applications and custom workflows. Today, nearly 500,000 customers and millions of users in more than 180 countries use DocuSign's implemented solution.

However, there is an alternative to Docusign that we will present below. Discover the company Yousign as well as the advantages that this French tool can bring to you compared to the competition.

Yousign, the alternative to DocuSign
Yousign is a French company that publishes software that makes electronic signatures easily accessible to everyone.

The user can sign documents directly through the SAAS (Software As A Service) application via an account protected by a login and a password. The user can also upload documents and invite other external or internal users without having to create an account on their side. The tool is also accessible via an API that can be integrated through a third party support such as an application, a website or even a CRM.)

Why use Yousign? 7 Reasons explained

Yousign has many advantages that allow them to stand out from their competitors. We have therefore listed for you 7 reasons to use Yousign rather than another electronic signature solution on the market:

  • Yousign is a French company. You will therefore have support in French, which can be a reassuring factor for users.
  • Yousign is certified at European level, which shows its involvement and expertise in the field.
  • The simplest application on the market with 3 key words: send, sign and store all the documents you need with ease.
  • Transparency to users. The prices are tailor-made. You only pay according to your needs.
  • Hand-picked partners to provide expertise. These partners respect the security standards. This makes it a priority for Yousign to secure your data.
  • A REST API that allows you to integrate the electronic signature with all types of internal tools in your company and provide the best possible user experience.
  • A responsive service: whether you are a loyal customer or a prospect who has simple questions out of curiosity, the team is committed to responding as quickly as possible and in less time than competitors.