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Headphones: what is the best headphone for your use.

Written by charon
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Whether you want to listen to the latest album of your favorite artist or enjoy a good movie in your living room, the choice of headphones is important. Because aiming for the cheapest headphones is not necessarily the best solution.

The market for headphones and earphones is very large and finding the right one can quickly become a nightmare. Several characteristics come into play to find the right one best headphones for its use as the budget, utility, quality, the audio rendering, the shape or the connectivity.

In terms of use, if you use it for transport, the insulation is important so avoid open headphones. Some headphones and earphones have active noise reduction technology that allows you to be almost totally isolated from the outside environment.

If you are using them to walk down the street, it's best to have open-face headphones or equipment that has a transparency mode that amplifies ambient sounds. For both uses, look for wireless headphones that give you more freedom of movement. For home use, any headset will do, with a preference for wireless headphones to avoid being glued to your screen.

In terms of quality, it's important to look at the audio signature if you're looking for more highs, mids or lows or if you're more into rock, jazz, classical or blues. So it's important to look at this side to get the best sound according to your taste.

The shape is also important, there are four main ones, such as the circum-aural that completely surrounds the ear, the supra-aural whose cushion is placed on the ear, the classic supra-aural or the in-ear that enter the ear.

Otherwise for connectivity, the Bluetooth wireless standard is a real asset. It certainly increases the cost, but gives you freedom of movement. You'll just have to pay attention to the battery status so you don't run out of power while listening to your favorite song.

And when you put it all together, you have to look at the best value for money and take advantage of good deals like Cyber Monday or sales. There are many sites that gather the best promotions such as the site It allows you to compare prices according to the headphones you have chosen and to take advantage of the best opportunity.