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Mr. Puzzles : a crazy horror movie "parody" written by a bot

Written by Guillaume
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Netflix entrusted the writing of a short film inspired by countless horror movies to a bot. The result is surprising.

Teaming up with Keaton Patti, Netflix had a funny idea: to entrust the reins of a script to an artificial intelligence. To be exact, to a bot. Netflix explains that Keaton Patti would have pushed her bot to watch more than 400,000 hours of horror movies - some good, some not so good, some downright lousy - in order to get the "gist" out of them. In fact, the idea was to make him store all the standards of the genre in order to give birth to his own work.

Indeed, Keaton Patti then let the bot work so that he writes his own horrific short film. The thing only lasts a few minutes and, rest assured, you can let your children watch. Clearly inspired by the Saw series, the bot came up with a story about a dark character, Mr. Puzzles, who enjoys torturing his victims by imposing unbelievablepuzzles on them. Of course, a wrong answer leads to unfortunate consequences.

The short film is called Mr. Puzzles Wants You to Be Less Alive, a title that fits very well with the "philosophy" of this absurd sequence where " the Jennifers all have bodies " and the detective's aim " is alcohol ". The prize for delirium goes to this whale that " was not a whale ", but " an underwater agent ": the pun between underwater and undercover, works much less well in French. But take a look at the video, it is worth the detour.

Note however that through its Youtube channel, Netflix is a Joke, the famous platform is not at its first try. Last July, it had done the same operation with the same Keaton Patti at the helm. He had then pushed his bot to watch countless hours of American stand-ups. Then, the bot was asked to write its own "show". The sequence lasts only a few minutes and if the result is almost as meaningless, it is finally less funny than this Mr. Puzzles.