10-second toothbrush: the French revolutionary Y-Brush at a low price

Written by charon
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The French startup Y-Brush proposes nothing less than a revolution in the field of toothbrushes with a brand new revolutionary concept: to clean teeth in 10 seconds! Explanations.

To brush correctly the teeth, new methods arrive on the market. We can already find for years electric toothbrushes, connected or not, but it is always necessary to respect the 2 minutes of brushing advised with a precise angle to make well.

The French startup Y-Brush promises to go much faster while practicing the right gesture: 10 seconds only with its special toothbrush made in Lyon region, that's the time needed now for an efficient cleaning!

If the principle is that of an electric toothbrush with nylon filaments (there are 35 000 here!) and vibrations generating the brushing, its trick lies in its design.

In the shape of a Y, it allows you to go much faster by cleaning an entire dental arch, i.e. all the upper and lower teeth in one go! Five seconds for the upper teeth, five seconds for the lower teeth and that's it for an effective brushing in 10 seconds.

The effectiveness of the Y-Brush toothbrush is validated by clinical studies and recommended and validated by dentists. The nylon filaments of the brush are angled at 45 degrees to the tooth surface for maximum efficiency. Three modes of sonic vibrations are available (soft in 15 sec, standard in 10 sec, intensive in 5 sec) according to the sensitivity of each one, and can be activated directly from the handle. The integrated battery ensures three months of autonomy before recharging.

You can use any standard toothpaste with this toothbrush, Y-Brush selling an adapter to use the right dose and avoid waste. But for those who wish, the French company also offers a specific toothpaste that comes in the form of a chewable tablet that spreads throughout the mouth and is 100% natural (organic, plastic-free, made in France). It is again a French invention!

To celebrate Halloween, Y-Brush offers a special pack at reduced price, the Monster Pack. It includes a toothbrush (handle + brush), a pack of 125 chewable toothpaste tablets and a mini-bag of candies, all for only 99 € instead of 149 €, with delivery anywhere in France in 48 hours. The toothbrush is available in two sizes, S for children from 4 to 12 years old and adults with small jaws and M for over 12 years old and adults.

A smart gift especially for children who often have trouble brushing their teeth for at least 2 minutes and who will only have to wait 10 seconds! But adults will also find it interesting.