The best extensions on Google Chrome

Written by charon
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Google Chrome has become the most used web browser in the world. With its many features and its fluid, easy-to-use ergonomics, it's not surprising to see this product of the American giant assert its leadership position every year

Its versatility means that many sites recommend Chrome to avoid any connection problems: online poker, streaming or even webmagazines base their internal architecture on Google's recommendations, especially for SEO.

But the real strength of Chrome is undoubtedly its large library ofadditional options, which offers users multiple customization possibilities and features. The Chrome Web Store offers thousands of different extensions, making the browsing experience much more interesting.

However, this wide choice can quickly become complicated if you don't know exactly where to start. That's why we've prepared a list of the best extensions on Google Chrome, which are very useful and fun!

uBlock Origin

Photo by Malaria28, CC BY-SA 4.0 uBlock allows you to block ads on the Internet.

No one likes to see ads appear when they land on a website. Whether it's in the middle of a video or in the form of a pop-up, these unwanted ads can ruin the browsing experience. This is why choosing an ad blocker is essential. Among all those on the market, uBlock Origin is particularly easy to use and uses very few resources. The extension is very effective and you can also customize the type of information you want to block: malware, ads or large media, many options are available! Only to be used on sites that abuse advertising, knowing that ads are often the only source of income for websites, including ours!

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

This extension is a very useful tool: it allows you to take screenshots, but also to record videos directly from your web interface. This means that you don't have to use any additional software, as the extension offers several features in one tool. You can record your screen and then add a voice, or take a screenshot and then edit it, add annotations or even blur certain parts. An indispensable tool!

Earth VPN

Photo by Unknown, CC0 A VPN protects your internet connection.

We have already explained why it is important to use a VPN for your internet connections: indeed, it allows you to encrypt your data, to hide your IP address and thus to browse the web in a more secure and anonymous way. Moreover, many contents are blocked according to your geographical location. Earth VPN is therefore an extension that will allow you to access certain web pages or multimedia content (on YouTube for example) blocked in your country, or to secure your connection when you connect to a public Wifi.

Text Corrector - LanguageTool

For all those who are still afraid of writing a professional e-mail with spelling mistakes, here is a particularly effective solution! The extension offered by LanguageTool is very easy to use and allows you to correct the spelling and even the syntax of your writing. As soon as you launch a text editor, it will automatically locate the targeted language and suggest modifications. Twelve languages are currently available and the tool is very useful for correcting careless mistakes.

Forest: stay focused, be present

If you have trouble managing your productivity and have that annoying tendency to surf the Internet while you have to work, this extension is the one for you! The principle is simple: you define in advance a period of time during which you do not want to be distracted and Forest blocks all the sites that you have previously blacklisted (social networks, video platforms, etc.). During all this time, a small tree will grow and it will wither if you break the rule. It's a simple, fun and effective way to stay focused on the task at hand.

ReadBee - text mode for websites

Often, when an article is displayed on the Internet, it is drowned in a lot of useless information: advertisements, menus, similar articles, links, images, etc. This can make it very difficult to read. This can make it very unpleasant to read. This is why the ReadBee extension is so interesting: it allows you to display a website with only its text version! You can choose the font size, the background color or the line spacing and read the content you are interested in much more easily.