Windows 11: between download for insiders and (long) wait for the update

Written by Guillaume
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Microsoft has not yet communicated any "official" release date for Windows 11, but it seems that we will have to be patient.

On June 24, after extensive leaks, Microsoft publicly unveiled its new operating system, the already famous Windows 11. It presented the main aesthetic novelties, reviewed the most notable visual changes compared to Windows 10 and also looked at the case of some features ... while probably keeping quite a few "cookies" under the hood. Thus, some specialists have regretted the lack of more "technical" information on the functioning of this Windows 11, on its heart.

However, we should know more soon since Microsoft has not waited long to make its new OS available... Well, it's a little more complicated than that. Of course, it's not entirely wrong to say that Windows 11 is available now, but it's not entirely true either. Indeed, if Microsoft has indeed made a build of Windows 11 available to users, it is important to understand that it is only a pre-release and not a final version: it is build 22000.51 and it is theoretically not accessible to everyone. As usual, Microsoft uses certain privileged channels to communicate with its community and make available pre-releases of its flagship software. To download and install this version of Windows 11, you must be a member of the Windows Insider program. It is not impossible to join this (not so) closed circle: we invite you to consult this link to learn more about the program.

However, apart from these Insiders, it is currently impossible to legally get your hands on a version of Windows 11, even if it is a preview... and you'll probably even have to be quite patient. Through a confirmation via Twitter, Microsoft underlined that Windows 11 will be available " later in 2021 ", but without further details. He stressed, however, that it will initially be an OEM version for its partners, confirming at the same time that " the deployment of the update for Windows 10 devices already in use today will begin in 2022, through the first half of the year. In other words, Windows 11 is today - on a pre-release - for Insiders, at the end of the year for purchasers of new machines and during the first half of 2022 for upgrades from Windows 10.