Microsoft prepares the arrival of the auto HDR of Xbox Series on Windows 10

Written by Guillaume
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The technique implemented for Microsoft's consoles and now adapted to Windows 10 PCs is still reserved for insiders.

Last October, Microsoft presented its new auto HDR feature to accompany the release of its next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Basically, the principle of HDR - for high-dynamic-range imagery - allows for a higher quality of rendering for everything from lighting to shadows and light. Things need to be more detailed, finer and more realistic for a better result in our favorite games. Of course, video games have to be developed to take this technique into account.

That's the whole point of auto HDR. The objective here is to automatically process titles designed for SDR to HDR. The prerequisite is that the games in question use the DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 libraries. Of course, you also need to have an HDR-capable display, but that's another story. In the illustration above, Microsoft compares three renderings of one of its flagship games: Gears 5. On the left is the SDR rendering, the simplest, and on the right the "native" HDR, the most detailed. We see especially, between the two, the results of the auto HDR. Without being able to replace the "native" HDR, it offers a result quite close.

Good news, then, because Microsoft now has the idea of deploying its auto HDR on Windows 10. Even better, the thing is already active ... provided you are part of the Windows Insider program. Members can then pick up Windows 10 build 21337 and get the above settings. If your screen is properly configured, the few options thus illustrated are enough to make auto HDR active. On the official Microsoft blog, Hannah Fisher details, as a "bonus", a small manipulation to display a split screen with, on the left the SDR rendering and on the right the auto HDR rendering, that the comparison is obvious!