NVIDIA: GPUs for cryptocurrencies are Turing-based

Written by Guillaume
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It's kind of THE news of the moment: NVIDIA is indeed planning derivative solutions of its graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining, but not with its latest technologies.

Only a few days ago, NVIDIA confirmed the upcoming launch of "graphics" cards of a very special kind. Called Cryptocurrency Mining Processor or CMP, these GPUs are not actually graphics cards since NVIDIA has removed all the video outputs. The idea is to offer components primarily intended for cryptocurrency mining so that this activity - very popular while prices are particularly high - does not overshadow the "traditional" market. It is true that for several months, resellers have had no stock and shortages are constantly pushing back the delivery of orders placed weeks or even months ago.

These Cryptocurrency Mining Processors work as graphics cards and should offer the same level of performance... as the previous generation of GeForce cards! Indeed, NVIDIA confirmed that the CMP 30HX and 40HX - the first two products of this type - will be based on the Turing architecture, the one that equipped the GeForce 2000 series. Remember that the last generation of graphics cards - the GeForce 3000 series released last September - are based on the more powerful Ampere architecture.

NVIDIA's CMP solution specifications according to Videocardz

More precisely - as summarized in the table above - the CMP 30HX will be equipped with a TU116 GPU, while the CMP 40HX will be designed around the TU106. They should be available before the end of April. In a second time, NVIDIA should distribute the 50HX and 90HX. If the cryptocurrency prices are confirmed over the coming months, who knows, maybe NVIDIA will decide to distribute Ampere CMPs, but the question of the lack of chips would then fully rest.