No less than 25 million users on Steam in the first weekend of 2021

Written by Guillaume
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What better way to start the year than by breaking your own record?

Between the ever-increasing popularity of "digital entertainment" and the years 2020-2021 marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, online video game platforms have had a particularly good few months. However, the most popular of them is still Steam, set up by the publisher Valve, which has set a series of records.

Thus, during the first weekend of the year 2021, Steam broke its own record twice in a very close way. Indeed, while the 25 million users mark was approached at the end of last year, users crossed it for the first time on Saturday, January 2, 2021 with 25,415,080 users connected simultaneously, according to information relayed by SteamDB. An impressive figure that did not last long, however. The very next day - Sunday, January 3rd - 25,418,674 users were simultaneously connected to Steam servers.

A remarkable performance that shows that despite the competition from platforms such as the Epic Games Store, Steam's success continues. Without doubt, the record has benefited from the Steam sales and we note that the 25 million mark was again crossed on January 5 and 6... Think that ten years ago, Steam exceeded the 2.5 million simultaneous users: is it possible to consider the 250 million by 2030?