Ethereum mining setup uses 78 GeForce RTX 3080

Written by Guillaume
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While the shortage of NVIDIA cards is noticeable among resellers, some are using them to mine - in quantity - crypto-currencies.

You wanted to buy a new graphics card for Christmas? Unfortunately, the old bearded man couldn't find an RTX 3070 / RTX 3080 / RTX 3090 / RX 6800 / RX 6800XT / RX 6900XT (don't cross out any of them, they are all valid)? Well, you should know that in addition to gamers eager for fps, the latest babies from AMD or NVIDIA are of great interest to crypto-currency miners. As you probably know, GPUs are among the most efficient solutions for mining crypto-currencies. The story of a Las Vegas resident is perhaps the most perfect example of this.

Relayed by TechARP, the installation of a certain Simon Byrne will make more than a few GeForce-starved gamers cringe. Indeed, the American managed to get his hands on no less than 78 RTX 3080 graphics cards designed by the PNY brand: knowing that a single card is charged more or less 1100-1200 dollars, this means that Simon Byrne has swallowed more than 100,000 dollars for the installation of his rig, a rig as they say in the jargon of crypto miners.

This rig, however, Simon Byrne could quickly make it profitable. TechARP first set out to estimate his electricity bill, knowing that it takes about 300 W per card and therefore about 23.4 kWh for the whole installation. Simon Byrne lives in an area where electricity is inexpensive, which would cost him about $2,166 per month if he included various costs such as the necessary cooling of the system, especially in Nevada.

However, an RTX 3080 is capable of generating 83 MH/s on the ETH which for the entire rig amounts to 6,474 MH/s or the production of 17.3 ETH per month and that's where things get interesting. Given the recent surge in the price of several crypto-currencies - including Ethereum - Simon Byrne can expect to take out $12,840 per month in ETH or a profit of over $10,000 monthly or, over a year, over $128,000. Profitable, isn't it?