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ME Corporate-Win10

File size
431.22 MB
Windows 10-64 , Windows 11
Online date
Beta status
OEM status
MD5 of the driver
Driver category
Compatible hardware
  • Intel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL
  • Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface
  • Intel(R) Management and Security Application Local Management
  • Intel(R) Management Engine Interface
  • Intel(R) Management Engine Interface #1
  • Intel(R) Management Engine Interface #3
  • Intel(R) Management Engine WMI Provider
  • Intel(R) Wireless Manageability
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Details of all INF files associated with this driver
An INF file is a text file containing all the information needed to install a driver. It contains the following information, the name and location of the driver, the version of the driver, and the entries to be inserted in the registry. Therefore, Windows uses these files to install drivers to detect the devices and components installed on your system, but also to configure them in order to fully exploit them.

You will find below the details of each INF file associated with this driver.
WiMan.inf (2139.64.38.0) {{ dayjs(1632960000*1000).local().format("L").toString() }} - softwarecomponent - WHQL
LMS.inf (2130.1.16.1) {{ dayjs(1630454400*1000).local().format("L").toString() }} - softwarecomponent - WHQL
heci.inf (2131.1.4.0) {{ dayjs(1627344000*1000).local().format("L").toString() }} - system - WHQL
mesrl.inf (2131.1.73.0) {{ dayjs(1627171200*1000).local().format("L").toString() }} - ports - WHQL
MEWMIProv.inf (2130.1.15.0) {{ dayjs(1626912000*1000).local().format("L").toString() }} - softwarecomponent - WHQL
DAL.inf (1.41.2021.0121) {{ dayjs(1611187200*1000).local().format("L").toString() }} - softwarecomponent - WHQL