5.84 MB
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Driver name00053176_xpvista78_v2012.exe
File size5.84 MB
OSWindows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 7-64,Windows 8,Windows 8-64
Online date3/14/2015
Beta status
OEM status
MD5 of the driver6b634408e67e4c8ef6ae32540690dea6
INF file nameRTL2832UBDA.inf
INF file date8/1/2012
WHQL status
Driver categoryMULTIMEDIA
Compatible hardware REALTEK 2832U Device,REALTEK 2832P + 2836 Device,DVB-T USB Dongle,DK DVBT DONGLE,DK mini DVBT DONGLE [...]
DK 5217 DVBT DONGLE,DIGIVOX Micro HD,DK S-mini DVBT DONGLE,DK 5222 DVBT DONGLE,RT DTV 2832U,DVBT DONGLE,TV Stick,DVB-T TV Stick,DVBT/Radio TV Stick,DVBT/DAB TV Stick,DVBT/DAB+ TV Stick,DVBT/C TV Stick,DVBT/DTMB TV Stick,ISDB-T(SBTVD) PCTV Tuner,ATSC PCTV Tuner,DVB-C PCTV Tuner,DK ATSC DONGLE,DK DVBC/T DONGLE,DK DTMB DONGLE,DK ISDB DONGLE,ISDB-T(SBTVD)-1seg,ISDB-T(SBTVD)-Fullseg,ISDB-T(MR1300)-1seg,Cinergy T Stick Black,Digital TV Tuner Card,DVB-T FTA USB Half Minicard,AzureWave AW-CA100/100D,UB450-T,USB DVB-T Device,MP-ProHDTV Multi,VideoMate U6xx,QUAD DVB-T,WinFast PxDTV3000 TS,USB SBTVD Device,VM J500U Series,Digital TV Device,DK mini-card,DK DMBT mini card,NOXON DAB Stick,USB Digital TV Device,Sundtek TNT DVB-T