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We suggest you download the driver directly from the manufacturer's site. However, the latter might not be efficient enough to ensure a good flow rate. We sometimes provide you with a link to our own server, allowing you to obtain better results. You will find hereunder all the details related to the driver you are about to download.
File size2.01 MB
OSWindows XP,Windows Vista,Windows Vista-64,Windows 7,Windows 7-64
Online date11/28/2012
Beta status
OEM status
MD5 of the drivered939adc50f946a45fd0cfd1b57daf73
INF file nameadmdm.inf
INF file date7/8/2009
WHQL status
Compatible hardwareAnyDATA CDMA USB CDC Modem (PID 6000),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6001),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6002),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6003),AnyDATA CDMA USB CDC Modem (PID 6500) [...]
AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6501),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6502),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6503),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6504),AnyDATA CDMA USB CDC Modem (PID 6800),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6801),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6802),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6803),AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem (PID 6804),AnyDATA WCDMA USB CDC Modem (PID 6200),AnyDATA WCDMA USB Modem (PID 6201),AnyDATA WCDMA USB Modem (PID 6202),AnyDATA WCDMA USB Modem (PID 6203),AnyDATA WCDMA USB Modem (PID 6204),AnyDATA CDMA HSU CDC Modem (PID 6090),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6091),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6092),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6093),AnyDATA CDMA HSU CDC Modem (PID 6590),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6591),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6592),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6593),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6594),AnyDATA CDMA HSU CDC Modem (PID 6890),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6891),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6892),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6893),AnyDATA CDMA HSU Modem (PID 6894),AnyDATA WCDMA HSU CDC Modem (PID 6290),AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Modem (PID 6291),AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Modem (PID 6292),AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Modem (PID 6293),AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Modem (PID 6294)