13.31 MB
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Driver nameS3G_Chrome20_Vista_x86_0100.exe
File size13.31 MB
ManufacturerS3 Graphics
OSWindows Vista
Online date7/30/2012
Beta status
OEM status
MD5 of the driveraa37f88cbecb4ebb5e1164f4948b6ac1
INF file name5333LH32.inf
INF file date7/24/2012
WHQL status
Driver categoryGRAPHICS
Compatible hardware S3 Graphics GammaChromeS18,S3 Graphics GammaChromeS18 ULP,S3 Graphics GammaChromeXM18,S3 Graphics GammaChromeXM18 MPM 32,S3 Graphics GammaChromeXM18 MPM 64 [...]
S3 Graphics GammaChromeS18 Pro,S3 Graphics GammaChromeS18 Nitro,S3 Graphics GammaChromeS18 Ultra,S3 Graphics 2300E,S3 Graphics 2300E+,S3 Graphics Chrome XM23,S3 Graphics Chrome XM23D,S3 Graphics Chrome S23D,S3 Graphics Chrome 20 Series,S3 Graphics Chrome S25A Sample,S3 Graphics Chrome XM27C,S3 Graphics Chrome XM27A,S3 Graphics Chrome XM25 MPM64,S3 Graphics Chrome XM25 MPM128,S3 Graphics Chrome S27 DDR3,S3 Graphics Chrome S27 DDR2,S3 Graphics Chrome S25 DDR3,S3 Graphics Chrome S25 DDR2,S3 Graphics Chrome S27 ULP,S3 Graphics Chrome S25 GDDR2,S3 Graphics Chrome S27 GDDR3,S3 2500C,Qimonda Chrome S27 DDR2,Qimonda Chrome S25 DDR2,Qimonda Chrome S27 GDDR3,S3 Graphics Chrome S25,S3 Graphics Chrome S27