The world's largest market capitalization, NVIDIA sets the record straight

Written by Guillaume
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Jensen Huang is a happy boss: the brand he founded just over thirty years ago is breaking all records!

All PC gamers have been familiar with the NVIDIA brand for a very long time now. The GeForce developer, founded in April 1993 by Jensen Huang, is now a household name and, since the beginning of 2024, NVIDIA has joined the ranks of the most important American tech companies, first competing with Meta (Facebook) and now taking on two NASDAQ behemoths, Microsoft and Apple, to become the world's largest capitalization at over $3.3 trillion!

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This explosion on the New York Stock Exchange is not exactly new: since the beginning of 2024, NVIDIA's share price has risen by over 170%, already setting a kind of record. Just think: last year, NVIDIA was valued at $1,000 billion, and the $2,000 billion threshold was crossed in the first half of the year. A few days ago, faced with the cost of its shares, NVIDIA even decided on a "split" which multiplied the shares (10-for-1) and, mechanically, lowered the entry ticket so that small holders could also become buyers.

In the wake of this split, NVIDIA shares continued to rise. While Microsoft's share price fell by 0.5% over the last few days, and Apple's by an even greater margin (-1.29%), NVIDIA's share price gained over 3.5%, enabling NVIDIA's total market capitalization to overtake that of the two behemoths. Of course, NVIDIA owes this success to the success of its GeForce graphics cards, but it is the boom in artificial intelligence that has enabled NVIDIA to completely crush the competition: no component is as powerful as NVIDIA's A100 in this field, and the forthcoming arrival of the Blackwell generation should further enhance NVIDIA's success.