New generations of RAM - DDR6/LPDDR6 - arrive with insane data rates

Written by Guillaume
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A two-stage release scheduled between late 2024 and some time next year.

Talking about DDR6 when DDR5 is still so new may seem a little odd. And yet, this is the pace at which RAM standards are progressing: while DDR5 is still far from completely dominating the market - DDR4 is still very much in evidence - its technical specifications have been set by JEDEC(Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) - the semiconductor standardization body which is part of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) - for 2020, so it's hardly surprising to see that the main players in the sector are actively working on what's next.


The first draft of the DDR6 specifications is scheduled for this year, and version 1.0 should arrive in the second quarter of 2025. In the meantime, JEDEC will have made good progress on LPDDR6 - a low-power version designed for more mobile devices - which should be launched before the end of 2024. As the VideoCardz website reminds us, in both cases, it's obviously the increase in throughput that's being emphasized first and foremost. In fact, the increase is greater than the initial estimates had envisaged.


Today, we're talking about a 10-fold increase in bandwidth between DDR6 and DDR4. What's more, there's talk of starting sales with DDR6-8800 and going up to DDR6-17600 on the first generation of this new memory alone. Later, DDR6-21333 would be possible, in other words, 21 Gbps RAM! On the LPDDR6 side, things aren't too bad either, since there's talk of starting with LPDDR6-10667 and reaching LPDDR6-14400 at a later stage, far higher than the best current LPDDR5s (LPDDR5-6400).