A fan of Rayman 3 puts it through the Unreal Engine 5 mill - it's great!

Written by Guillaume
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The Unreal Engine 5 is a modern engine of incredible power, and if you use it right, you can do marvellous things.

It will soon be two years since the Unreal Engine 5 was released by Epic Games and, more than ever, the graphics engine is making a splash in the video game world. For developers, this new version of the famous authoring tool opens up a whole new world of possibilities, thanks in particular to the Lumen module (for a global lighting solution with dynamic reflections), the Nanite module (for management of very large quantities of micropolygons) and the Temporal Super Resolution module (for high-performance oversampling).

Unreal Engine 5 has already been adopted by several studios around the world, with publisher Square Enix using it for its upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4, while CD Projekt RED has already announced that it has given up its in-house engine for Unreal Engine 5 on The Witcher 4. Other big projects are also planned to support Epic Games' new technology, but we'd like to take a moment to talk about a few fan-made projects, less "professionalized" teams and, in particular, these " fan remakes " when enthusiasts decide to take a mythical game and give it a little facelift. Such was the case with Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, a game distributed by Ubisoft in 2003.

Presented by Mark Holubowski on his ArtStation page, the project does not aim to recreate the entire game imagined by Michel Ancel, but only its first level. Instead, Mark Holubowski has gone much further than many fans, rethinking the entire level from textures to character models, including most gameplay mechanics such as movement logic, combat systems and the principle of gem collection. Visible in the video above, the result is simply breathtaking, and leaves us dreaming of the complete game in this form! A second video below compares the original version of the game with this Unreal Engine 5-enhanced version. Progress is sometimes good!