Various corrections to service ergonomics

Written by charon
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I've just made several small corrections to the application and the site to improve the ergonomics of the service.

On the application side:

  • I've replaced the two service control buttons by a single one with a status. This is more common in other software.
  • I've highlighted the online detection button in relation to the offline detection button.
  • Added an explanation message at the end of offline detection.
  • Fixed a scrollbar bug that appeared when the window was resized.
  • Disabled agent update during offline detection.

website side:

  • on the detection dialog box, I removed the choice to change service that was confusing the user
  • on the agent installation dialog, I've highlighted automatic installation over MSI installation.
  • If you switch from the detection dialog to the installation dialog, I no longer offer to switch back to the detection dialog to avoid confusing the user.
  • when you download the agent, I've added a final step explaining what to do to the user after installation.

I had a mail blocking problem this weekend. As I write this, the problem seems to have been solved. If you have created an account, please send a confirmation e-mail from the site to avoid automatic deletion of your account two days after registration.

Azamos has meanwhile released a new tutorial on how to use the service. Some of the screenshots have yet to be updated in the light of recent changes. But you can read it now.