AMD prepares Zen 5 CPUs and RDNA 3.5 GPUs for end-2024

Written by Guillaume
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There's no question of slowing down: AMD is churning out new CPU generations at high speed.

On the dedicated graphics card market, AMD seems to be struggling to keep pace with a very strong NVIDIA, which could well widen the gap even further next autumn with the hypothetical launch of the GeForce RTX 50 series. On the CPU market, however, AMD is holding its own against Intel, and on the APU market - those processors with a powerful integrated graphics solution - it simply fears no one. At the company'sAI PC Innovation Summit in Beijing, David Wang - head of R&D for the GPU division - and Lisa Su - CEO of the AMD Group - took it in turns to hammer home the point.

Lisa Su confirms the arrival of Strix Point© Benchlife

The event confirmed the upcoming release of the new Strix Point range of APUs for the mobile market, and more specifically, the future Ryzen 8050 processors. The latter should be on the market before the end of 2024. Such information is not insignificant, as it confirms that AMD is well on the way to meeting its commitments regarding the release of its new CPU architecture, the famous Zen 5. Indeed, the Strix Point processors should integrate Zen 5 cores and Zen 5c cores.

Of course, this won't be the only new feature in a highly anticipated generation of processors. In fact, in addition to Zen 5, Strix Point is expected to feature XDNA 2 cores, AMD's new neural architecture, which the brand praises in glowing terms, with performance " up to three times better than XDNA ". Finally, the GPU section should see the introduction of an intermediate generation, RDNA 3.5 cores. Well, it's obviously no longer RDNA 3.5, but rather RDNA 3+... not sure that will change much! One thing's for sure, though: equipped as it is - with 12 Zen 5/Zen 5c cores and 16 RDNA 3+ processing units - the spearhead of the next Ryzen 8050 series should be a real bombshell!