The DriversCloud team wishes you all the best for 2024!

Written by Guillaume
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In a few hours' time, we'll be entering 2024... which we hope will be more beautiful and happier than 2023.

The ritual is the same every year. Each year, we count down the hours, then the minutes and the seconds that separate us from the New Year. Some of us take the opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months, while others are already looking to the future. After several years of turmoil caused by a pandemic that turned our lives upside down, we were hoping to return to a more normal existence, but the global geopolitical situation invited itself onto the calendar.

It's a situation that is influencing DriversCloud as well, with international tensions in the news and an IT market that's still finding its feet. While some are hoping for a stabilization or even a significant drop in inflation, specialists are anticipating a drastic rise in the cost of flash memory and, as a corollary, a sharp increase in SSD prices for the first half of 2024. Intel will focus on establishing its Meteor Lake range in the world of notebook PCs, before launching its Arrow Lake architecture in the second half of the year. For AMD, 2024 should see the launch of the new Zen 5 CPU architecture... but when? A mystery. Of course, the new RDNA 4 graphics architecture is also expected, but there are even more questions surrounding it, as NVIDIA will kick off the new year with the launch of its RTX 40 SUPER series graphics cards, to end it - if all goes well - with its new Blackwell range.

For Microsoft, 2024 should also be a busy year, even if no one yet knows exactly what direction Windows will take. Major developments are expected for the Redmond firm's operating system, but will it be a new version christened "Windows 12"? Or will it simply be a major update? The exact content of these evolutions has yet to be specified, but all observers agree in anticipating a major overhaul of the system's very structure.

DriversCloud has also just undergone a mini overhaul of the news, articles and comments system. We'll be back with a dedicated news item later.

So, while 2024 is shaping up to be a very uncertain year, it remains a hopeful one, and the whole DriversCloud team wishes you all the best before taking the opportunity, as we do every year, to warmly thank our community for its loyalty and support. Once again, happy 2024!