AMD's Ryzen 8000G promises a quantum leap in graphics performance

Written by Guillaume
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AMD is set to launch a new generation of processors with a powerful integrated graphics solution.

Launched at the end of 2021, the Ryzen 5000Gs were something of an exception in the microprocessor world. Of course, they followed on from the 3000G and, in that sense, didn't revolutionize the game, but by considerably boosting the graphics performance of AMD's integrated iGPU, they made it possible to increasingly seriously consider doing without a dedicated graphics card, even in the case of video games. This meant not putting too much faith in Santa Claus, and making do with relatively modest games. Nevertheless, the promise was kept and PC gaming without a dedicated graphics card became possible. It's no coincidence, moreover, that the concept of these so-called APUs was subsequently used to design the components at the heart of portable consoles such as Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

© Sakhtafzarmag

Over the past few weeks, rumors of a new series of APUs to replace these Ryzen 5000Gs have been spreading on the Net. Today, the Iranian site Sakhtafzarmag seems to be the best informed. Picked up by more serious publications such as VideoCardz and WCCFTech, Sakhtafzarmag mentions nothing less than a launch date for this new range, known as Ryzen 8000G. The first models will be available as early as January 31, 2024, a few weeks after CES 2024 in Las Vegas (January 9 to 12), where AMD will officially unveil the Ryzen 8000G. Sakhtafzarmag points out that the Ryzen 8000Gs will not all be released at the same time: the 8500G, 8600G and 8700G will be the first salvo, with other models (8300G in particular) arriving later.

© Sakhtafzarmag


Finally, in addition to highlighting the existence of a dual range - "PRO" and "non-PRO", the differences between which we don't know - Sakhtafzarmag is releasing the first performance measurements. Things are still very fuzzy, but thanks to its graphics solution based on 12 RDNA 3 CPUs, the Ryzen 8700G performs 2 to 2.5 times better than the Ryzen 5700G armed with just 8 Vega CPUs. On other measurement tools, performance may be a little tighter, but the 8700G's advantage is anything but negligible.