OneXGPU: the solution for boosting graphics cards on handheld consoles?

Written by Guillaume
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So yes and no, while the OneXGPU does boost graphics performance on portable consoles, it does so at the cost of an additional case.

Hybrid portable PC consoles are not exactly new, but the release of the Steam Deck just over a year ago has given this market a considerable boost, and many manufacturers are now trying to offer machines that are more powerful, more compact or more elegant than Valve's. The performance achieved with the Steam Deck is regularly pointed out, for example, to the effect that the Aerith APU developed by AMD is still a little lacking when it comes to displaying games on the living room screen.

When the ROG Ally was launched, ASUS was one of the first to come up with an alternative solution in the form of an external case incorporating a dedicated graphics card, logically more muscular than the APU found in all portable consoles. Today, it's the OneXPlayer brand - which offers its own portable consoles - that has come up with a product designed around an OCulink port, which should become a kind of standard, even if it's not yet a sure thing. OneXPlayer has also integrated a Thunderbolt 4 port to widen the field of possibilities.

As for on-board components, there's no question of offering a monster graphics card, and OneXPlayer has prioritized value for money by implementing an AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT. It comes with 8 GB of video memory and a maximum TDP of 120 watts. Of course, the performance of a GeForce RTX 4090 is a long way off, but with this TDP we're already at nearly 8 times that of the Steam Deck APU. To complete the product, four video connectors are available: two HDMI and two DisplayPort. They are accompanied by two USB-A and one RJ45 Gigabit. More original, the OneXGPU - as it's called - also features a 2280-format M.2 SSD slot.

Such a storage slot will logically help the handheld console to breathe, while the OneXGPU's 280-watt power supply makes recharging a breeze. OneXPlayer has yet to announce a precise launch date for its product, but the Indiegogo funding campaign should be underway soon (November 28 or 29), and the page is already up and running. What's more, OneXPlayer seems to be going for the relatively affordable price of $599. While we must remain cautious when it comes to participatory financing, it's always interesting to see products that extend the range of possibilities for our little handheld consoles.