Radeon RX 7700XT and RX 7800XT: AMD completes the RDNA3 range

Written by Guillaume
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AMD had announced it a few weeks before the opening of the Cologne show: the firm has kept its word.

On the occasion of Gamescom 2023, organized as it is every year - when Covid-19 isn't involved - in the city of Cologne, AMD held a press conference that all graphics card enthusiasts had been eagerly awaiting. The conference was intended to unveil the Radeon RX 7700XT and RX 7800XT, completing a range that the American company had launched last December with the release of the Radeon RX 7900XT and RX 7900XTX. All in all, AMD's RDNA3 generation graphics card range now comprises five models, since the smallest, the Radeon RX 7600, was launched a few weeks ago.

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While the two more powerful models are powered by the Navi 31 GPU, and the smaller RX 7600 is powered by the Navi 33, it's only logical that a third member of the family should be introduced with the presentation of the two new cards. In this case, AMD is talking about the Navi 32 GPU, which won't be exactly the same depending on whether we're talking about the Radeon RX 7700XT or its big sister, the RX 7800XT. In the case of the former, AMD refers to the presence of 54 computing units, i.e. 3,456 stream processors. The GPU is backed up by 12 GB of 18 Gbps GDDR6 video memory with 192-bit interface bus for a bandwidth of 432 GB/s. The TDP is 245 Watts.


The Radeon RX 7800XT ups the ante with a Navi 32 GPU featuring 60 computing units, i.e. 3,840 stream processors. It benefits from 16 GB of GDDR6 video memory at 19.5 Gbps which, with a 256-bit interface bus, gives a memory bandwidth of 624 GB/s. Finally, the TDP rises to 263 Watts. AMD intends its two cards for 1440p gaming, but it's clear that they're not quite in the same league, and we can't wait to read the first tests to find out exactly what to expect. The embargo date is September 6, coinciding with the release date of both models: the Radeon RX 7700XT will start at 489 euros, while the RX 7800XT will cost at least 549 euros.