Minisforum prepares a 6-liter mini-PC with dedicated graphics card

Written by Guillaume
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Even if the PC doesn't yet have a name, it's already attracting a lot of attention.

Minisforum is a company that specializes in the design of mini-PCs. Its catalog includes all kinds of machines, with a majority of mini-ITX formats, and this is the one it has chosen for a new announcement. This announcement, relayed by the Wccftech site, is not easy to present, since the machine doesn't yet seem to have a name. However, that doesn't stop it from being extremely interesting, with a volume limited to just 6 liters, aluminum walls, a wooden plate on top and a brick-shaped chassis.


Between AMD and Intel, Minisforum's heart sways so much that the company couldn't choose: it should offer two versions of its PC with the same base as we've just described. One version will turn to AMD with a Dragon Range Ryzen 7045 configuration, while the other will side with Intel with 13th-generation Raptor Lake in the HX subcategory, the one the American brand reserves for laptops or, in this case, low-power machines. In the photo, we can see that in both cases, the motherboard is extremely close, no doubt to avoid jealousy!

The processors of the two ranges are also quite similar, with, for example, a TDP of 55 Watts. On the other hand, AMD's Ryzen 7 7945HW3D - fingers crossed - with its 16 cores/32 threads and 128 MB L3 cache, should be available. Intel's Raptor Lake HX, with its 24 cores/32 threads, should be able to compensate... that is, if Minisforum offers configurations integrating these two monsters. We have little information on the cooling system envisaged, while another major surprise is in the offing.


Minisforum's mini-ITX case is designed to accept a dedicated graphics card, provided it is no more than two PCI Express slots thick. Such a constraint obviously limits the possibilities, and it won't be possible, for example, to fit a GeForce RTX 4090. The question also arises as to how long a graphics card will be able to fit in, when limits are already perceptible: only SO-DIMM memory is supported, Minisforum mentions the presence of two M.2 slots for SSDs, but doesn't mention SATA, and the power supply must be an SFX model. All in all, a very interesting machine.