7529 pins and over 500 cores: the next Intel Xeon Granite Rapids will be monstrous

Written by Guillaume
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Even if they grow with each generation, the so-called desktop processors are very far from the models intended for servers.

A few months ago, several sources had already mentioned the future socket LGA7259 imagined by Intel and a picture even came to illustrate the thing, in a rather imprecise way it is true. Today, thanks to WCCFTech, things are much more visual and this LGA7259 socket shows all its pins. While Ryzen and other Core processors are already taking up more and more space on the motherboard and the LGA4677 from Intel Sapphire Rapids is even more impressive, the LGA7259 should leave more than one user speechless.

Think that the bugger has - logically - 7259 pins and that the processors which are intended for it, the Intel Granite Rapids measure no less than 66 x 92.5 mm when we were at "only" 61 x 82 mm on the LGA4677. The increase is significant and leads us to a surface of 6 105 mm² for a "simple" processor. The video relayed by WCCFTech does not stop there and illustrates why these dimensions are quite fantastic. The video shows a prototype Granite Rapids motherboard, which is not yet a final model.

The motherboard has twelve slots for DDR5-6400 memory and should be able to swap with this RAM at over 800 GB/s. For good measure, we mention the support of PCI Express Gen 5 through no less than 96 dedicated lines! Finally, even if things have yet to be specified at this level, Intel is considering at least two ranges of Granite Rapids processors with "P-Core" versions equipped with 86 to 132 cores and others, "E-Core", equipped with 334 to 512 cores.

Finally, even if things seem to be a little further away, the excessiveness of these processors for servers knows no bounds: the LGA7259 is already huge, but it should not weigh much next to the SP5 from AMD. The latter is designed for the EPYC range of processors with two code names for the moment, the Genoa and the Bergamo. This SP5 socket which should integrate "only" 6 096 pins, is planned to measure 93,4 x 120,3 mm. Record broken!