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MUSA-Chunxiao: the Chinese GPU that takes the lead on PCI Express 5.0

Written by Guillaume
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A GPU that arrives without warning and unfortunately does not give that much information about its performance.

If it is still difficult to have any idea of the performance of its components, the Chinese company Moore Threads Intelligent Technology has just managed a nice trick by taking AMD, Intel and NVIDIA at the same time on the support of PCI Express 5.0. Indeed, the MUSA-Chunxiao GPU that the Chinese company produces is the first GPU to support the new PCI Express standard, while AMD with its Radeon RX 7000 'RDNA 3' or NVIDIA with its GeForce RTX 4000 'Ada Lovelace' have decided to stay on PCI Express 4.0

Only founded in 2021, the company Moore Threads Intelligent Technology seems to have decided to skip steps. It has just announced the upcoming release of two graphics cards: the MTT S80 is intended for the world of video games while the MTT S3000 is aimed at data centers. Two cards that logically follow the MTT S60 and MTT S2000 which were not very old since they were released in March 2022. The two new cards are designed around the MT Unified System Architecture (MUSA) GPU, which was already found on the older cards. In its new version, the GPU promises to go much further, even if it is not at all about competing with RDNA 3 or Ada Lovelace.

Indeed, if we talk about the support of PCI Express 5.0 on the MTT S80 and MTT S3000, it is however only a "technological showcase" argument. In fact, it is not clear what this can bring when in its most powerful version, the MUSA-Chunxiao GPU seems to have to make do with 14 (on the S80) and 15.2 (on the S3000) TFLOPs. This is a more than honorable power of course since they leave far behind the S60 (6 TFLOPs) and, to a lesser extent, the S2000 (12 TFLOPs). However, there is still no question of competing with the most powerful cards from AMD or NVIDIA: with such a strong performance, the MUSA-Chunxiao is halfway between the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070.

Moore Threads Intelligent Technology says that the GPU has 22 billion transistors and is backed by 16GB of GDDR6 at 14Gbps for an estimated bandwidth of 448GB/s. On the S80 card, we talk about three DisplayPort 1.4a in addition to an HDMI 2.1. Finally, if the next demonstrations of the card are planned, the commercialization should take place from November 11, but Moore Threads Intelligent Technology has not announced distribution outside China or any price.