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Sony confirms the release of its new virtual reality headset for February 2023

Written by Guillaume
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While it is still struggling to establish itself with the general public, virtual reality could benefit from this new boost orchestrated by Sony.

Generally speaking, the two most willing platforms in the virtual reality market are the PC and the PlayStation console... or should we say PlayStation consoles. Indeed, Sony is probably not as willing as one might have thought in this market, which it nevertheless helped to bring to the general public with the launch of PlayStation VR in October 2016. Six years ago. Already.

While the PC world is regularly experiencing hardware and software releases, it undoubtedly suffers from the absence of a leader. A situation a which is nothing new on this platform, which, in the absence of flagship manufacturers, can only rely on a particularly remarkable individual initiative or the establishment of some kind of consortium to bring together goodwill.

None of this is the case for Sony, which must therefore only deal with its own will and success. The first is obviously not without the second, and despite extremely positive announcements at the launch of the PlayStation VR, it is likely that the success over time has not been as radical as Sony wanted to make it clear: presented for a long time, the PlayStation VR2 has only just been stalled by the Japanese.

It will therefore be released on February 22, 2023. Sony announces a price of 599.99 euros, which makes it a much more expensive peripheral than the first PSVR, 200 euros more, even if the PSVR 2 has to integrate the controllers with the headset. Sony says that pre-orders will start on November 15 from 10am via the official online store PlayStation Direct.

Two packs are planned for this launch. The first - at 599.99 euros - includes the virtual reality headset, its two PSVR 2 Sense controllers and its headphones. Next to that, Sony plans to release a Horizon: Call of the Mountain pack that will cost 50 euros more at 649.99 euros: it will have the same content with the game in digital version as well.

Sony is taking advantage of this announcement to mention, via the PlayStation Blog, the list of games planned to accompany the release of the PSVR 2. There is talk of a total of eleven games with relatively expected titles and others that are more anecdotal: After The Fall, Cosmonious High, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, Cities VR: Enhanced Edition, Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, Hello Neighbor: Search & Rescue, Jurassic World: Aftermath Collection, Pistol Whip, Tentacular, The Light Brigade and Zenith: The Last City.